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Who: Steel and open
When: Now-ish (some time after information about intermediaries has been spread to the civilian population of Thisavrou, or at least some of this information has leaked out)
Where: Region Five - The Time District
What: Assignment T1 - The Petrified Dragon
Warnings: There is a potential for harm to dinosaurs and one NPC in this plot. I don't plan to write anything graphic, though. iron fence guards a delicate structure that seems to be shaped to mimic the form of its inhabitants. )

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Who: Allura and whoever. Or not-Allura and whoever, it's open!
When: Backdated to while all the escape shenanigans is ongoing.
Where: In the prison. And it can continue as we're all leaving if you like?
What: A break from serious business and battle. Let's train some dinosaurs and ride them around for the heck of it.
Warnings: "Don't try this at home"?
EVERYBODY... is obligated to reference this song when dinosaurs are involved. )
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Who: Everyone
When: September 9th-23rd
Where: Kauto
What: Escape from Dino Jail and taking the fight to the Savrii
Warnings: Probable violence and mental manipulation. Label your content.
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I was the one who set off that fog.

[That seems like a good opener, right? He suspects it might have happened anyway, without the interference of the team he took into the treatment plant, but this is more to get people's attention in the aftermath of the psychic call than anything else.]

Pretty sure you've all heard the story about the child by now. [Adrien made sure of that.] Not sure if anyone still needs convincing of what happened. Some more hard evidence. Let me know.

[Hint hint. There's video of the encounter (thanks Zer0), and he's pretty sure he's sat on it long enough--but of course he can't guarantee this network isn't monitored, so that's all there is.]
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