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[he got it to beep just like a tape-fed answering machine]


Recently-deposed Grid management and complaints department.

You know what they say: if you can't say something nice, lay it on me. Do your thing at the tone!
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On the morning of July 16th, Clu will receive a copy of Kevin Flynn’s book The Digital Frontier: Mapping the Other Universe (Back cover). The book contains philosophical, technical, and speculative ramblings about computer systems and programs, ranging in content from brilliant to slightly deranged. An example page can be seen here.
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[It's been nearly half a cycle since his permissions list expanded. Since Rinzler asked for the most crucial part of what he wanted; since Clu gave in to the inevitability of change. Rinzler is never going back to factory settings, and he'll never forget what that promise cost or for how long.

Still, careful is a tricky line to walk, and most days, Rinzler stays well on the safe side of it. He reports whenever ordered. Provides whatever data Clu might ask. Not everything he does, not always or anymore. But Clu has access to his disk, and acting past his function isn't half the violation that it used to be. Certainly, it hurts less.

All the same, some choices aren't precisely Rinzler's to make. Especially with the consequences so unclear.

The emergency broadcast went out to all TABs. Certainly, Clu doesn't need the ping that flags the post to his awareness, lacking even the window dressing of a word. Rinzler doesn't think it needs them. The uncertainties are obvious; the questions implied. Is Clu reporting in? Should Rinzler? Does his admin have orders for him on the subject?

Or is this another decision category that necessitates an us?]
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Functioning. No damage.

[It's a succinct report, if not... entirely comprehensive. Still, if Clu wanted to ask about prior status (exposure?), he would.

Besides, grudging or not, the second inquiry draws much more attention. There's a full quarter-micro's lag before Rinzler sends back:]

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[So much for succinct. And hopefully Clu's mind-reading powers don't extend to catching Rinzler grumbling at the screen. He's fine.]

No effects observed on asteroid.
No substances retained
[certainly not ingested] on return.
Subsequent rest cycle interrupted to minor system errors. Resolved shortly.
No lasting malfunctions or damage.


...if staring slightly blankly at the... offer? No, order that comes next. Rinzler knows his programmers have been on not-overtly-hostile terms of late, but...

Alan-one should respond soon. That would be good.]

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[That last line is... marginally more comforting. (Marginally.) Rinzler cancels any effort to quantify how much in favor of redirecting to the relevant queries.]


Singular incident, estimated +0.6 millicycles after system transfer.

[He knows when he shut down, but not when the error (dream) began. He hadn't thought (until today) that it was anything worth reporting.]
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[It takes Rinzler a while. Longer than it should? Maybe, but contact is so rarely his to initiate. The ISO was a special case, as was the virus before it. This time...

...he waits until he finds his copy. He waits until it's wiped for good. He waits a little longer. Rinzler spends no small amount of time hovering outside Clu's door, only to find it empty when he finally dares scan. But his contact on the TAB stays live. He's still here. The threats are gone. If Clu hasn't made contact, it has to be because of choice—and Clu's choices are paramount.

Two more days. Finally:]

Request update.
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The fact of a reply answers most of Rinzler's questions. Clu is alive. Clu is functioning. The silence (and absence) of the last few centicycles was by choice instead of hazard. Which means disturbing it was probably his error.

Too late to correct now.]

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[The first line is nearly a dismissal. The rest... not. Clu has something for him? As thoroughly as they've strayed from defaults, Rinzler has trouble imagining many conditions under which that could be good. What had he done? Or is it what he hadn't done? Should he have made more effort to track Clu? Where has his admin been?

Maybe he'll find out. Probably, he won't. Probably, it's just a task. He's delayed longer than he should, regardless.]


[He'll be there. Of course.]
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[He has his answer. He has his orders. Rinzler isn't expecting a response. When his TAB chimes, it takes a moment to recall the texts. A moment longer to stop lagging and answer.]


Kauto, R1. Scouting sector boundaries.

[Wow, Clu. He's not sitting on the doorjamb. That was yesterday! Besides, scouring the streets (or rooftops) allows for a much more comprehensive search.

Range receives a numeric estimate, along with a current vector and approximate path speed. It's the best he can offer for duration.

Rinzler has always hated sitting still.]
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[Wow, Clu. Paranoid much? Rinzler is, in fact, approaching on a tangent. And aiming to pass on a tangent, too. Just because he hates waiting on standby doesn't mean he doesn't know how to wait.

Tomorrow. Those were Clu's orders, and Rinzler has a timestamp and location to match, too. Under normal circumstances, the current message would qualify as a dismissal, but he'd assumed that much before and been wrong too. Better to be sure.]

Further data required?
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[It's not Rinzler's formula. Not the one he's used to... not just that. Still, it can't be faulted for its clarity. Rinzler eyes the display for a long moment, fingers curling over the keys—before he nods (to no one) and closes the device.



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