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Event Participation:

Halloween at the End of Line

Nemvoy is going as a wallflower.
Jeff Bridges, opposite Jeff Bridges, ON A BRIDGE.
Honey, you'll hate me in the morning. [[DUBCON]]
When she said she saw right through me...
Extreme tenacity. Do not test.
'Cause we danced, on the floor, in the round
They've given you a number, and taken away your name
You've had enough of two-hand touch, you want it rough, you're out of bounds [[SHENANIGANS, BADTOUCH]]
A pretty face can hide an evil mind (pay no nevermind)
If I say yes, are you gonna smack me?
Soulja Boy tell 'em.

Greetings, Program; Welcome to the Grid

All that we are, or seem.

Sacrosanct: The Musical!

Black Rock Crisis

Age Change Shenanigans:

[005.] 001. Hello, World.
So. Helpdesk? PUNKER helpdesk. That's cool, bro.

Species Swap:

Freaky Friday, luck ain't goin' my way [[Sarah Connor; Agent York]]
More than you think you are [[Anon; Gem; Nemesis; Kevin Flynn; Gibson]]

There's Something in the Water:
If the bright lights don't receive you, will you turn yourself around? [[Kevin Flynn]]
You look like you've seen a ghost. [[Tron; Alan]]

Tronhauswarming Party:

Seriously, if I had my very own pet ninja? That would be my face ALL. THE. TIME. [[Rinzler]]
That's because it was both. This time. [[Kevin Flynn]]
Dillinger's kid is pretty sharp. [[Edward Dillinger]]
Hey, Delta, do they have circuitsex where you're from? [[Delta]]

Zone 07 (We Built This City)

Perhaps...The challenge of the Grid?

Space Prom:

I am leaning on this wall. That makes it mine. [[Sam Flynn]]
Hey, Mr. Postman... [[Soundwave]]


016. The Dating Game [TEXT; OPEN]

015. Scientific Methods [VIDEO; OPEN]

014. Technical Difficulties [TEXT; OPEN]

013. Memory Dump

Whatever you do, don't eat the pomegranates. [[Alan, Clu]]

You're still not dad's favorite. [[Sam, Clu]]

012. Hard Stop

011. Switch Test

AUDIO Encrypted to Kevin Flynn, 100% [ --> Action]

010. Public Relations [VIDEO; OPEN]

009. Animal House [VIDEO; OPEN-ish]

AUDIO Ecrypted to Kevin Flynn, 100%

008. Midnight Sun [Accidental TEXT/DRAFT; No Filter; OPEN]

007. Thought Experiment [OPEN]

[Video -- Private to Benjamin Cade, Modified FLYNN OS 2.6 Encrypt, 95%]

[AUDIO] Private to Sarah Connor; 100% Encrypted → Unhackable

006. Goodbye Yellow-Brick Road

004. Level The Field

003. Mr. Self-Destruct

*[AUDIO] Private to Rinzler; 100% Encrypted and Screened

002. The Devil's in the Details

001. Attract Mode


He ate my heart and then he ate my brain [[Raimi, Clu]]
He says all the right things at exactly the right time [[Anon, Clu]]
We'll both find a way to make a pure love work in a dirty way [[Gem, Clu]]
C'mon, take the money and run [[Ratchet, Clu]]
Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack [[Sarah, Clu]]
Thieves get caught; watch, if you're smart [[Sarah and Clu v. Barricade and Ratchet]]
We wanted to play, but we had nothing left to play for [[Gem]]
Why yes, the cut-text on this entry IS a Pink Floyd reference [[Kimiko Ross]]
The Scorpions write just for us, and they're playing our song [[Rinzler]]
You don't want me, you just like the attention [[Gem]]
The sun also rises [[Rinzler]]

Commentbombs/Trololo/Memes, etc. etc.

Oh, look, there's only placeholder text.


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